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Keeping Track of it all on Nutrisystem



So how do I keep track of everything while on Nutrisystem?


I have tried two ways – the first week I used the Numi app and the second week I used the notepad style tracker.  I wanted to try both methods to see which was more convenient for me and which was I more likely to stick with?


So which do I prefer?  I totally prefer using the Numi app but before I tell what I like about that – I will tell you why I like the notepad style.  I work in an office and although a great deal of my work involves my phone (departments texting etc…), I prefer not to be on my phone for things other than work if I can help it during the day.  For that purpose – the notepad style is convenient.


However, Numi is absolutely much more versatile and I always have my phone with me and on me.  Some of the things I love about Numi:

  • I can scan Nutrisystem foods and Numi automatically recognizes them.  I don’t have to use the search feature
  • Numi is integrated with my Fitbit Flex – I don’t have to input anything else
  • Numi has all the Nutrisystem foods already in their database
  • I can search for all other foods or even create custom foods – which will show up in my future searches
  • It allows me to log my water – for me that is at least as important as logging the food
  • I can view my progress as long as I log my weight frequently


Here are some screen shots of the Numi app – so after using it the first week and not using it the second week – I am definitely going back to using it.  I was not as accountable as I could have been in the second week!








Okay so I won’t keep you waiting any longer – another pound lost.  I wish it was more but I wasn’t as strict as I could have been between equestrian competitions, birthday parties and more.  So yes, I am going back to using Numi to keep me focused.


My favorite meal of the week?




My favorite activity of the week?  Sledding with the kids…




And what is my favorite recipe to help me on this journey?  Veggie Salad




This salad has the following – all chopped up and mixed together.


Red tomatoes

Orange tomatoes

Red peppers

Yellow peppers

Orange peppers



Red Onions


Add a little light vinaigrette dressing or eat as is…


You can follow my progress HERE


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