Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve #Copperelbowsleeve

Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve


It can be discouraging to feel a tendinitis flare-up for the first time, even the first few times. There’s nothing to fret about though. Your elbow may just need a bit more support when you enjoy your favorite athletic activities these days. The Copper Elbow Sleeve from Primary Health Sports can enable you to get back in the game in no time. While adding significant support to the area of the sensitive joint, the sleeve works to keep the joint at its ideal temperature. This means optimal joint comfort, even through vigorous exercise.

The unique copper element to the arm wear is ingeniously woven into the fabric of the piece. The sleeve’s material is comprised of 88% copper nylon and 12% spandex, allowing the covering to stretch and move with your active joint. The fabric proves quite breathable as well. Thankfully, you put it on and forget about it. As for the added comfort assistance from the copper itself, countless health practitioners and avid users of alternative medicine swear by use of copper on the skin. It is said that joint stiffness and pain can be reduced by the copper, as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as a substance itself. The claim is that trace amounts of copper are somehow absorbed through the skin and into your body, thus reaching the joints and muscles that need it the most.

Overall, the Copper Elbow Sleeve would seem to stabilize this critical arm joint for anyone who wants to remain active. Compression sleeve users include professional athletes and just avid enthusiasts of sports like basketball, volleyball, baseball, weightlifting, golf, tennis, and even archery. These sleeves aren’t just worn by folks with sports injuries either. The Copper Elbow Sleeve by Primary Health Sports has a form-fitting, sleek design that makes it worth wearing as a precautionary measure or even just for the sake of fashion.

The machine washable Copper Elbow Sleeve comes in four sizes and is accompanied with a lifetime free replacement guarantee. That promise offers a lot piece of mind to the consumer. If the item ever becomes frayed or loses its elasticity, Primary Health Sports will replace the product without any hesitation.

If you value your time in the gym or on the court, don’t let a little joint soreness slow you down. The Copper Elbow Sleeve may provide just the right combination of stimulation and support needed to keep you moving your arm swiftly and comfortably. Actually, who couldn’t use the added stability during strenuous activity? The Copper Elbow Sleeve is a practical workout accessory for anyone’s protection and comfort.

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