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Dollar General (DG Baby) For All Your Babies Needs @DollarGeneral #ad

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dollar General (DG Baby) For All Your Babies Needs @DollarGeneral #ad

Do you have a baby or a toddler at home? If you do, then you know all too well how expensive it can be to meet their needs – and they constantly have needs. There are constant needs for diapers, wipes, shampoo and body wash, cotton swabs, Vitamins A&D and unfortunately, there are often times where Ibuprofen are needed.


Camden made an appearance on New Years’ Day – and his appearance includes so many new expenses…And there is already Grayson who just turned 2 (playing in the hammock with Sephora).


So how can you save money and still meet your child’s needs? With Dollar General of course! The first thing you should definitely do is sign up for their coupons – either the DG Digital Coupons or the Print at Home Coupons. For this particular purchase there were no coupons that matched my purchase but there often are. Had I chosen other items I would have had some matches but these are the items I needed.

The DG Digital Coupons are really cool – I simply select which coupons I want and when I go to the store, the coupons are on my account and I access them by inputting my cell phone number. They are then automatically applied. And as an added bonus – when I checked out I received a $5 off $30 purchase and that also gets applied directly to my account. It can be used on a specific day. If you are like me then you always forget about those coupons – but I receive a text reminder! No chance to forget.

So I spent $31.65 on all these baby items – how does that stack up against the competition?

DG to Brand Comparision 1

Comparison #1 – Save $17.28

DG to Brand Comparison 2

Comparison #2 – Save $3.02

DG to Brand Comparison 3

Comparison #3 – Save $2.58

DG to Brand Comparison 4

Comparison #4 – Save $1.62

Total Savings comparing DG Baby to Brand Names – $24.50

Minimally it would have cost me $56.15 for all brand name products – Without coupons that was an immediate 43% savings.

So I ask you – why pay more? That $24.50 pays for school lunch for the two older kids for a full week; or pays for two weeks of dog food for both dogs… I can’t think of one reason to pay more for similar products that perform just as well…

Save on baby essentials with Dollar General!

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