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Taken Iphone6 Leather Wallet Case #TakenIphone6LeatherWalletCase

Taken Iphone6 Leather Wallet Case



Taken Iphone6 Leather Wallet Case


I am thrilled with all the features of this cell phone case.  Gone are the days of  a simple silicone sleeve case.  I want slim – but I need protection and versatility.  It isn’t always just about the phone anymore.  It is about needing to have “more”.


Taken Iphone6 Leather Wallet Case 2


This case has a handmade design.  The cover opens to the left and the seams are well made and the case is solidly constructed.  The corners are curved and the case looks professional yet simple.


Taken Iphone6 Leather Wallet Case 3



The case is made out of environmentally friendly materials – a high end Litchi grain PU oil leather.  This leather is dust proof, water proof, scratch resistant, and temperature resistant.





One of my strong frustrations with many cases is that they don’t line up perfectly with the cell phone they are intended to protect.  This one fits perfectly and keeps everything nice and safe and the camera works without have to take the case off.



This case can carry 2 cards and cash.  For me that means a debit/credit card and my driver’s license.  Now I don’t need to carry my wallet as well as my phone.  Everything is right where I want it.



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