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What Instrument Is Next… Guitar, Piano, Drums, Saxophone… Trumpet?

Allora ATR-1301M Aere Metallic Series Plastic Bb Trumpet



So here’s the lo down.  My oldest son plays guitars – all kinds of guitars.  He is awesome at it.

I have taken piano lessons and guitar lessons – I prefer piano a million times over, though I did enjoy playing guitar with my son’s while we were all taking lessons.  I miss those days but kids learn so much faster and I didn’t have that much time.  Did you know you can get free piano sheet music online?  Easy as can be to get started.

Then in the last year I went back to piano with our youngest daughter.  She loved it – but then schedules made lessons near impossible and horse lessons became a priority.  But she is in 5th grade now and school gives lessons – but not for piano in grade 5.  She chose Alto Sax.  But in the process she fell in love with so many other instruments that we have not traditionally played in our family – and she learns so quickly.  She is fascinated with everyone who plays the trumpet and now wants one.  She is eyeing this aere metallic series plastic trumpet.  And she is now saving her allowance to make that dream come true…


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