#NSNation Small Wins With Nutrisystem #ad

Small Wins With Nutrisystem



So what kind of small wins have I experienced since being on Nutrisystem?  First – I had to buy new jeans.  Yup that’s right – new jeans.  Funny thing is I am not really a jean wearer.  I only bought some in October and finally started wearing them because I was spending so much time at the barn. But now that I have started wearing them – I really need to keep wearing them.  I am sure we will only be spending more and more time at the barn.


Next – my shoes are fitting more comfortably.  This is again important because of the barn.  I have plenty of boots – but over the last 5 years my weight gain has caused them to not fit as comfortably as I’d like.


My last small win?… As long as I keep losing weight – my asthma is causing fewer issues for me.  I still have issues because I am allergic to the horses (long story) but far fewer with the help of losing weight.


And this is the pair we spend all our time with – if we take four horses out there are  others but these are the two we are on the most… Even today in 7 degree temperatures – I admit, we are crazy.


Doc and Ben



So how was my progress this week?  I lost another pound this week for a total of 10 pounds in 5 weeks.  I am happy with that – before this process started I didn’t think I would be – but I totally am.  I have bought new jeans, am using my inhaler less frequently already and feel great.  I am still hoping for that “big week” but I am happy as can be.


Now – I am off to begin a new week and I am so excited.


You can follow my progress HERE


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14 thoughts on “#NSNation Small Wins With Nutrisystem #ad

  1. Amanda Love says:

    I actually saw the program at my local Walmart for $25 and I’ve been tempted to get it. I have 2 weeks to lose a few founds since I’m traveling. I might reconsider. Seems like you’re doing great on it.

  2. Tiffany Cruz says:

    I’m glad you are taking the time to appreciate your small wins. I’ve been doing the same. Like patting myself on the back if I get dinner on the table and the kids to bed on time. I recently lost my husband to cancer we didn’t even know he had, so learning to be a single mom is my mission and I do love my small little wins too.

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