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Shopping In My Own Closet With Nutrisystem



So as of today I have lost 11 pounds in 7 weeks – unfortunately I didn’t lose any weight this week.  This week has thrown so many stressful situations my way and it wasn’t until about halfway through the week that I took some advice that someone gave me.  The same advice I always offer to others but remembering to take my own advice or having the courage to take my own advice was proving to be difficult.  Once I did however, I was emotionally freed from the stress and was able to get back on track.  Sometimes we just need to ask for help.  All in all I consider not losing – a win.  If I had not been in control all week long it could have been a big problem!


In the meantime I have actually been going through clothes in my closet that I have not been able to wear for some time.  I haven’t tried any on yet – I am trying to wait a few weeks more to see even more drastic results.  But I have my eye on several items.


What I have noticed is that the clothes I am wearing all of a sudden seem longer.  Apparently as I am losing weight my clothes are fitting better and sliding down to the length they were intended to be.  I feel like I am constantly walking on the backs of my slacks.  Additionally, I am wearing shoes that I have not worn for a long time.  My shoes that have been too small for some time all of a sudden fit and comfortably.  Good thing because the shoes I had been wearing are so worn out in the soles that my feet started to hurt all the time.


Back on track and looking forward to next week!


You can follow my progress HERE


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