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AllSmartLife® VR BOX 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses #VRheadset

AllSmartLife® VR BOX 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses


I grew up with fascinated with Star Trek – and yes I do know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek…  The immersion into holograms episodes were amazing and I couldn’t even come close to imagining what that world could actually be like.  But now – we have entered the world of virtual reality and it is pretty darn close!


Android or IOS


I have been given the opportunity to check out these AllSmartLife VR Box 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses and I am completely blown away.  We had already tried Google Cardboards and they were enough to introduce us to virtual reality.  They are inexpensive and a good way to start – but once you start you will quickly become addicted.  They do have flaws though – besides being cardboard – they have cheap lenses and don’t work as well for the larger phones as they do for the smaller phones.




These virtual reality glasses work perfectly for my iPhone 6 plus.  There is a slide on the face that pulls out and the phone (Android or IOS smartphone) – is placed inside and held securely in place with a pressurized clip.  I will say this device works better with the larger phones – my kids’ iPhone 5’s slide all around but I am sure I can rig it for them to stay in place as soon as I put a little effort into it.




This particular model even has a remote – it can’t get easier than that.  If you have never used virtual reality glasses you are in for a treat.  You are totally in the scene – no matter which direction you look, you are there.  If you are laying on the beach – you will feel like you are really there.  Riding in a roller coaster?  You will get sick to your stomach.




You will completely become engrossed in your virtual surroundings.  I mention this again as a warning – do not wear these near anything that will hurt you – such as this photo below – do not operate near stairs.  As you turn and move (and you will want to) – you will totally lose your spatial awareness.  I often only allow the kids to use them while sitting down unless I am standing right there and watching them closely.




There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of apps out there for virtual reality programs – many are free.  We have tried running with dinosaurs, riding in roller coasters (forward and backward), laying on a beach, riding in a race car and more.




As an added benefit these goggles can be used to watch 3D movies – we watch them on Vudu and the effect is incredible.




The lenses are adjustable allowing us to focus them via a button on the top of the glasses.  The head straps are also adjustable and it is a T-strap so it can stay securely on your head with a little bit of soft padding.  There is a front cover that opens and closes – we keep it closed, but if for some reason we need to clean the lenses, we open it up and can easily clean them.



These virtual reality glasses are available on Amazon for $29.99 – an awesome deal for all the fun you will have with them!




Prize:Two lucky winners will walk away with a 3D VR Virtual Reality headset valued at $29.99 from AllSmartLife!
1. The giveaway is open to USA only,
2. AllSmartLife will responsible for the shipment(by FBA)
3. We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
4. The coupon code will be sent to winner via email after the giveaway (within 24hr)
5. Winner will be chosen at random by AllSmartLife and the winner has 24hr to respond before the next winner is chosen.

The giveaway closes on 3/28/16 at 12am
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