5 Fun Facts about Panasonic Air Conditioning Units

5 Fun Facts about Panasonic Air Conditioning Units

Panasonic are one of the world’s largest electrical device producers. The company was first founded in Osaka, Japan in 1918 and have since transformed technology with their innovative electrical devices that have moulded the necessities in which we require to go about our day to day lives.

Probably the most popular area of the Panasonic group is the Panasonic Air Conditioning Group. The group’s success and growth is defined by their continual aim of achieving mass product innovation and technology that isn’t just efficient, but also sustainable. They are one of the few electrical companies who were able to evolve from manufacturing compressors and basic electrical appliances to providing comprehensive air conditioning solutions.

There is no denying that Panasonic are one of main leaders in air conditioning units and are seen to be the most trusted electrical and air conditioning brands for superior energy efficiency on the market. But what else can we learn about the Panasonic Air Conditioning Group? Well, if you’re looking for more insight into this innovative brand or just want to learn something new about an iconic technology brand, then read on.

Here are five fun facts about a truly prestigious brand – The Panasonic Air Conditioning Group.


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Fact #1: 1958
1958 was the start of a very successful career for the Panasonic Air Conditioning Group. That’s right, you guessed it; it was the year that Panasonic released their first room air conditioning unit for domestic use. Prior to this, air conditioning units were used solely for commercial purposes.

Fact #2: World’s First Compact Scroll Compressor
Just as the world thought Panasonic couldn’t possibly add anything extra to the air conditioning market, the Japanese electrical giants brought out another game changer. In 1985, they first began developing their scroll compressors which would offer air conditioning lovers higher efficiency, less noise and less vibrations in comparison to rotary compressors and of course, Panasonic achieved what they set out to do. In a mere 5 years, Panasonic’s Air Conditioning Group officially launched the world’s first compact scroll compressor which offered everything they promised it would.

Fact #3: 1975 – The First Japanese Air Conditioner Manufacturer in Europe
In 1975 the Panasonic Group took over Europe and became the first Japanese air conditioning unit manufacturer in Europe.

Fact #4: Eco Panasonic
Panasonic, along with all technological device leaders, have adopted an eco-friendly attitude. Whilst developing and manufacturing energy efficient, Panasonic ensure that all of their factories all over the world reduce their carbon footprint in the manufacturing process of their air conditioning units and contribute to helping local communities do the same.

Fact #5: Global success
With operations in 31 countries, Panasonic Europe is able to support your projects wherever you are located. The company is also a world leader in innovation as it has filed more than 91,539 patents to improve its customers’ lives. Moreover, Panasonic is determined to remain at the forefront of its market. In all, the company has produced more than 200 million compressors and its products are manufactured in 294 plants which are located all over the world.

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