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My Mom is my Inspiration


I am thrilled to tell you all about a woman who inspires me.  My MOM!  I know that sounds like a cliché but she really does inspire me.  You see – my mom grew up mostly without her dad, she is one of four (two sisters and a brother).  Their life was definitely hard and they grew up pretty poor.  She had me when she was 17 – I was her first of three.  She and my dad were already married and pretty much kids themselves when they had me.  Within six months of my birth, her mother and brother were driving down the road when a drunk driver crossed the line and hit them head on.  Her mother was killed instantly and her brother suffered so greatly from the ordeal – no matter how much help was offered to him – he never recovered.  You would think she would never be able to move forward from this… But she did.  Then to add to her struggles, in the 1979 her step sister was murdered and within a week her step brother died tragically as a result of another accident.  These struggles could easily have ruined a person.  Not my mom…  After all that happened my mother decided to go back to school.  There was so much she wanted to do still and she had been a mom at such a young age – by this time she had three children.  I can’t say I appreciated her going back to school when I was a kid – because as a kid you know the world is all about you.  But parents need to take care of themselves too – it takes becoming a parent to fully grasp that concept.


Eventually my mother graduated and was offered increasingly more challenging positions.  Although she worked as a human resource director – she worked predominantly in industries with men.  That presented so many unique issues for her and she always dealt with them with dignity and respect and pushed past some of the issues that existed in these predominantly male industries.  Even after college she worked to receive a very prestigious nationally recognized professional designation as a SHRP (Senior Human Resource Professional).  She became a national resource soon afterwards and eventually made quite a career for herself.  She has proven that anything is possible if you persevere and I have to say that she passed that ethic on to me and it is a motto I live by.  And let me tell you – my mom loves to have fun and I don’t hold it against her that she is a Broncos fan… She is still my inspiration!



In honor of Women’s History Month, Lenovo is also honoring women who are changing the game.  Check out their latest infographic highlighting female kickstarters who are shattering stereotypes and making a difference!





Go HERE to find out more about these women and these projects.


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