How We Are Remodeling Our Home

How We Are Remodeling Our Home

When we bought our home 14 years ago – it was perfect… That lasted about 3 months.  Our home was a two family but we had planned on using it as a single family – but then my inlaws moved in.  We immediately needed to move into a space that was almost as small as the house we had just sold.  We knew we needed to start remodeling our home.

Then we wanted to adopt additional children – so we needed more space.  Our solution was to rip the roof off the house and turn the attic space into a third floor apartment.  This is definitely not a project we could take on without Newbury Architect.  We need specialists with specific skills.  Then we would live on the 2nd and 3rd floor but it was set up as an apartment so when we retire, we could have income spaces.  That second kitchen etc… has been very helpful for blogging but I wasn’t blogging back then so that hadn’t been part of the plan.

Then we adopted two more children but they both have special needs.  So they couldn’t sleep on a different floor from us – in fact they really couldn’t be out of our sight.  The main floor/apartment only had two bedrooms though.  Sooooo, we turned the 2nd floor 3 season porch into a bedroom.  It is long and narrow but perfect for our teenage son.  We have done this so many times and yes, you can remodel your home with confidence.

Next, we had to rebuild the 3 stories of stairs and decking as well as rebuild a porch and a garage.  Talk about stress…

Okay so THEN our 21 year old daughter moved back home into the third floor apartment and trashed it – totally trashed it.  We spent weeks cleaning it up but now we officially need remodeling contractors to help set our priorities.  The rest of the house was built in 1925 so there needs to be a plan and help setting priorities.  We need to fix the 3rd floor back up and start to modernize the 2nd floor.

I can’t wait to see a plan to begin remodeling our home and to see it all complete!

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