8 Easy Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

success-8 Easy Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

This is a quick checklist of marketing tips to market your small business (or in my case – my blogs):

  • Take every opportunity you can to network – the connections are invaluable.  They could end up being customers, followers, readers or sponsors.  It goes without saying but I will – treat absolutely everyone with respect and grace.
  • If you have the ability to can sponsor and event for a local charity – my cousin owns a photo studio and she constantly sponsors events.  The events are highly successful – and so is her business.
  • Use social media – there are so many options for social media and if you try to create a huge presence in all, you will crash and burn.  Pick a few that you feel you can do well – and do them well.  For example – I stick mostly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  Occasionally, I will work with Youtube.  I avoid things like Periscope, Tumblr, G+.  I just can’t do them well so they are not worth doing.  If you don’t feel you have enough followers you can always comprar seguidores instagram.
  • Create an email list – you want to be able to reach potential connections; don’t wait for them to come to you.
  • Become a public speaker or host some community classes – this is really two separate skills but I am lumping them together because they involve a level of comfort getting up in front of people and persuading them to partner with you.
  • Find a mentor – if you are new, find a mentor.  We all started somewhere and most people are willing to share their expertise if someone is truly going to appreciate it and put true effort into their goals.
  • Start a blog – unless of course your blog is your “product”.   A blog offers a personal approach to your business and nowadays people have come to expect that personal touch.
  • Create an explainer video – they may come to your site or blog, but how do you keep them there?  Grab their attention with an explainer video.


Now, take these marketing tips and go forth and build and grow your business.

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