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Chewfix Bitter Spray #chewfix

Chew fix


We have always had dogs that just get a little too excited to chew on stuff that shouldn’t be chewed on.  I have always searched for a product to help with their enthusiasm (aka destruction).  Love the dogs – not so thrilled about their actions all the time.  But now we have found this Chewfix Bitter Spray.


This will help keep my English Mastiff from bothering some of her booboos.  She is not very healthy and pills can only manage so much.  But we need help to keep her away from scabs, hot spots etc… This works great.  Her bald spots are starting to fill back in.


But we also have a Newfoundland who is after anything fabric related – blankets, curtains, couch covers etc… She has calmed right down with these activities.


We haven’t tried this with the horses but I can tell you we just may!


Chewfix is made in the USA and is extremely bitter which helps to train and retrain.  I love this stuff.    Even when I spray it on my EM’s hotspots she doesn’t seem to mind so it must not sting or burn… Its very helpful for sure.
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  • Laura

    One of our cats likes to chew on things sometimes. I wonder if this would work for her. Luckily, we don’t have this issue with either of our dogs.

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