Lower Back and Abdominal Support Brace by PUSH IT! #pushitproducts

Lower Back and Abdominal Support Brace by PUSH IT!


My daughter jumps horses.  That sport causes a great deal of jarring and she doesn’t have major back pain but enough that she occasionally needs support.




She wears this support brace for short periods of time and she gets relief.




She has occasionally even worn it while horseback riding.  During those sessions she is able to work out longer and more aggressively without major complaints.




The design optimizes blood flow, which in turn increases oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues, and also lowers muscular vibration resulting in decreased fatigue while performing daily activities.


It is created from airprene material and has 4 stabilizer stays to help provide balance along with heat to her torso.  It even allows sweat to evaporate – and she can get quite sweaty.


She will be riding for years I am sure – she can’t afford to be sidelined so early in her equestrian career.  A simple support has made all the difference.


You can also get a support brace HERE.


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