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VibraThotics Vibrating Insoles #VibraThotics

VibraThotics Vibrating Insoles

My feet seem to hurt all the time.  It started years ago with plantar fasciitis when I was dancing and since then it has been one thing after another.  I also have joint and muscle issues and that definitely doesn’t help the situation at all.


These insoles are amazing.  I don’t wear them all the time but sometimes after I have been on my feet all day – I throw them in my shoes and they provide instant relief.  They have over 1,000 vibrations per minute which are quite relaxing and pain relieving.  I can wear them to stand, walk or sit.  I tend to wear them sitting but they allow me to get up and do whatever I want because I can still walk with them.


I simply had to trim them to fit my shoes.

Fits men’s shoe sizes 4-13
Fits women’s shoe sizes 5.5-13.5

I wear them in my work shoes and sneakers – they fit both no problem.  The insoles are comfortable and shock absorbing – I can wear them for long periods of time such as when I am standing on my feet doing all my blog photos each weekend.  They have vents that allow my feet to not overheat – they remain cool.  There are 6 vibration levels – 3 constant & 3 pulsing.  I have had far fewer issues with my feets since I received these Vibrathotics.


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