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The Final Countdown



Well this is it – I am finishing up with Nutrisystem and overall I am happy with the program and my progress.  I had some stumbling blocks along the way and the latest is my son ending up in the hospital.  This post is a bit later than I had anticipated…


My biggest accomplishment on the program was making much healthier choices on the days when I wasn’t relying on Nutrisystem food.  Even my daughter has been making better choices – turning to fruits and vegetables instead of less healthy options.  Overall I feel so much better and I happened to have had blood work just before starting and just a little while ago – the blood work results were so much better after a couple months on Nutrisystem.  I may continue with Nutrisystem but my son is in the hospital at the moment and we are living on the road.  If he gets out of the hospital in time we will then be headed to Florida.  I would continue after that.


The Turbo Takeoff was the perfect way to get started – it was a nice kickstart.  I have one more week left and next week I will post some photos.


I found Nutrisystem to be a relatively easy plan if you want a large portion of your diet to be prepackaged.  At times that is definitely helpful but other times, like when I am cooking full meals for the rest of the family – I just want non packaged food.  It is a battle to get over that mindset.  The prepackaged food is perfect for my lunches at work though.  I really enjoyed some of the spicy meals – they are so pleasing and make me feel more full.  I definitely enjoy the home delivery and the shakes.  I have never had shakes that are so delicious – almost like a dessert.  I do wish I would have lost more weight but I swear every crisis that could have happened, did happen and I was constantly left unprepared.  One of the things I didn’t like so much was every time I found a food I really liked – it would no longer be available for order.  They were more than gracious with replacements/substitutions but it was hard to keep finding new favorites.


I did not lose weight this week so it stands at a total of 12 pounds lost.


You can follow my progress HERE


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