Invisible Glass for a Streak Free Solution

Invisible Glass


Invisible Glass for a Streak Free Solution


I DREAD cleaning windows – house windows, car windows, camper windows – hate it.  Until now the streaks remained no matter what I did.  I could rub the window dry with every cloth known to man and still – streaks.




Cleans glass so well, you’ll think it’s invisible!

The first time I used this I thought it looked terrific.  BUT the true test was when I was driving down the road and my daughter was in the passenger seat.  She rolled down her window and I asked her to put it back up – I had the air conditioner on.  She said “why do you get to have your window open?”… Well of course my window was not open – but it was so clear and streak free she couldn’t even tell!

Invisible Glass is perfect for windows, mirrors, and glass cooktops, tables, & doors!  It leaves glass clean and clear with no streaks or haze.  That haze has plagued me and my windshields for years!

Invisible Glass easily removes oily dirt, pet slobber, grease, fingerprints, smudges, smoke haze, sap, bugs, and extra tough grime from glass in your home, office, or vehicle. Its ClearDry™ formula evaporates quickly and completely, leaving no streaks on glass. Invisible Glass contains no soaps, scents, or dyes, which can leave streaky residues that are hard to remove. Safe to use on tinted windows!

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