We Made The Plunge – The Same Plunge We Said We Would Never Take

We Made The Plunge - Meet Toni


A year ago our lives changed.  There is no other way to begin this story.  A year ago (plus two weeks) – we went to Florida to visit family.  During that visit the one thing I wanted to do was have our daughter sit on a horse.  That seems like a simple thing but with my allergies it was far from simple.


Not only did she sit on a horse but so did my husband and son.  I was able to survive the situation with plenty of allergy medicine.  So when we came back home she was desperate for lessons – the short version of this story is that through constant increased interaction and lots of allergy meds, we have been able to make that happen, not just for her but also for our son.  By the end of May 2015 we were set up with lessons for her and our son started around August 2015.


At the time I said lessons were fine but we are not buying a horse EVER!  Well by Christmas I signed them up for two small leases of horses.  But I still hadn’t bought a horse…Next thing you know 5/1/16 comes around and…. we bought a horse.   Now our lives are intermingled with Toni’s…


Just Hanging Out With Toni


Now we get to see Toni every single day!


Ready to Ride


Relaxing and Riding


Seph on Toni - Say Cheese


Now, of course our son is “shopping” for a horse.  We are not prepared to pay board for two horses but I may increase his lease…

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2 thoughts on “We Made The Plunge – The Same Plunge We Said We Would Never Take

  1. Deb E says:

    Congrats and I look forward to more horse pictures! You can never get enough of their sweet faces! They both look so happy!

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