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sprouts Throat Remedy Herbal Supplement #throatremedy

sprouts Throat Remedy Herbal Supplement


I tend to get sore throats – after having several throat surgeries an extra use of my voice results in a sore throat.  I love to sing but sometimes after singing just three songs my throat is scratchy and raw.


I sought a solution and I was desperate for one.  I am not a professional singer – but I do love to sing and do so every chance I get.  This throat spray relives my throat within one day.  I don’t have to have a cough to have a sore throat but if I do this has a combination of powerful herbs to help resolve my coughing.  I mostly get itchiness and irritation and this works perfectly for those two symptoms – it also helps with throat pain and reduces inflammation.  It works by coating and soothing my throat to eliminate soreness and stimulate fluid circulation.


This spray contains elderberry and echinacea which has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties without any alcohol or artificial flavors.


This throat remedy is all the relief I need and it works within hours and I can continue with my responsibilities and hobbies.
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