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Check Out This Super Easy Siphon #SuperEasySiphon

Super Easy Siphon


I have often found myself needing to use a siphon but just can’t bring myself to do it – I do not want my mouth on some sort of nasty tubing.  My desire to keep my health far outweighed my need for a siphon.


But this Super Easy Siphon is completely different.  Having a siphon on the farm is very helpful – you never know when you will need to get water off a surface or move it from one place to another easily.  There are other ways to make it happen but those ways are often so labor intensive – why not use a siphon if it is easier (and healthier).


This Super Easy Siphon can be used to siphon fuel, water and so much more.  It is easy to use, doesn’t require electricity (or your mouth).  The hose itself is 2.5 mm thick which is 50% thicker than other siphons and it doesn’t kink!  This siphon works with shaker action – there is no need to put your mouth on either end and it doesn’t require any type of mechanical intervention.


The tubing is FDA grade, food safe and drinking water safe while also being fuel resistant and safe for gasoline and diesel.


The Super Easy Siphon Hose works by simply shaking up and down. Insert the fitting end into the container you are siphoning from. Aim the other end into where you are siphoning to. Important Note: This works with gravity, so the container you are siphoning from MUST be higher than the container you are siphoning to. Then, just shake up and down until the liquid begins to flow! To stop the flow, remove the fitting end from the liquid and the siphoning will stop. This super siphon product is super easy to use, a great safety and emergency preparedness tool, and essential for homeowners, preppers, RV’ers, offroaders, farmers, and more. Once you start shaking the liquid will immediately begin to flow so make sure you have it over your intended reservoir.


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