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Lock Don’t Tie Shoelaces – Excellent for Special Needs Individuals! #aktivxsports



I am thrilled to have found the Lock Don’t Tie shoelaces.   I have a 15 year old autistic son who tries hard to tie his own shoes but has never quite mastered that particular skill.  Not for lack of trying.  And we go through periods where he can remember how to do it and actually manipulate it to do it but then he forgets the next day.





Not only are these laces terrific for special needs individuals and they offer a bit of independence they would not otherwise have – but they are great for children and athletes.  No one ever wants to slow down to tie their shoes but of course running around with shoelaces hanging out everywhere and shoes without support is not a possibility.




They are very simple to use – simply lace you sneakers with the elasticized laces.  Once fully laced, feed the ends through the locking mechanism.  Cut off any excess and then place into the non slip lace clips.  Then you are good to go!  No more worries, no more wasting time and no more loose sneakers!

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  • Candy Kelley

    I think that it is great that they are coming up with ways to simplify. You are correct anyone who is impaired to the point they can not tie their shoes would benefit. Even the elderly.

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