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How I Raised Myself up to Success From Failure Online


Two years ago I was broke.


I had a mountain of debt from university. No real business experience. Complete lack of confidence…


But one day something snapped, and I decided that I had enough. From that point on, I started reading more. I devoured basically every sales, marketing and business book known to man.


After getting my head around some of those business concepts, I started to apply them. Given that I had made a few friends successful in the internet marketing space, I decided to get a website online and selling products.


It was what all the cool kids were doing! (And it actually worked for me too.)


The first step I took was finding a domain. I used CanSpace for my web hosting and domain because I knew they have some of the cheapest prices around (at least for .ca domains which is what I used for my website).


After getting my hosting set up, I chose WordPress to build my store. If you’re interested in doing the same just do the following steps.


1) Download WooCommerce. This is the best “store builder” for WordPress. They have a ton of different plug-ins you can use to build out cool functionality and automation.


2) Upload your product(s). If you have something you’re going to buy or make multiple copies of, do this… Or if your products are made to order, indicate that.


3) Set up your SSL. This is what you need to begin processing credit card payments. It secures your website from hackers and vulnerabilities.


In Conclusion


That’s really how simple it is! Of course if you don’t yet have a product, you’ll have to figure out what you want to sell… But I hope this article made it clear just how easy it is to set up your store.


I’m not selling anything, but if you want more info on diving into eCommerce I recommend checking out Udemy as they have some awesome courses.
Good luck!

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