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The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Mastering Adobe Photoshop in 1 Week #photoshop



Do you want to learn Photoshop but are intimated by the difficulty? You can partner with a professional photo editing service or check out this book is the answer to all our problems.  “The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Mastering Adobe Photoshop in 1 Week” will give you everything you need to know about Photoshop tools! This will help you become a master in this editing software, and soon you’ll be able to create and edit images and create effects that really make your pictures amazing, sharp, and clear The interface of Photoshop is shown in this book with a detailed explanation for each of the features; so that you can start with a hands-on approach. There are tips to edit pictures to make them sharper and clearer, create layers to contrast backgrounds with people, blur backgrounds, and also varying light and color intensity across the picture. You can edit your family photos, business presentations, and book covers with greater clarity and precision using the great power of Photoshop. Here’s what is included in this book: Different Versions of Photoshop, Basic Operations in Photoshop, Layers in Photoshop, Working with Images in Photoshop, and Photoshop Shortcuts.

The author for this book is John Slavio and he has quite a few other books too that are just the right size to dabble in different learning opportunities.

This book is a quick read and can easily serve as an initial reference book. For me, I liked it because I am not versatile in Photoshop but definitely want to be.  I do not have the time to break out a huge Photoshop guide – plus a giant guide is quite intimidating you don’t even know some of the most basic information.  For me, this was perfect.  It was not so much information that I got overwhelmed but just enough information for me to get a good start and at least understand Photoshop SPEAK.  Now I just need some time to put it into practice!

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