Making “Cents” Of Mobile Cell Phone Options

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ting Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

I bought my first cell phone around 24 years ago.  It was a step up from those really big clunky mobile car phones but still quite large.  These phones were more of a symbol at that time because we did not leave them on all the time.  They were strictly for an emergency – my emergency.  Since I didn’t leave the phone on, certainly no one could reach me in an emergency.  We got them tough because our son was diagnosed with diabetes and we didn’t want to be out with him somewhere, in need of assistance, and not be able to call for help.

Then cell phones were upgraded to fancy flip phones – much smaller and cooler because who didn’t love doing that Star Trek flip of the phone… Beam me up!  Then the keyboard slide phones… Yeah those were easier to text on but who could afford to send more than a couple texts per month?  THEN Blackberries – OMG that was a whole new world.  I had that phone for at least a year before I realized I could actually play games on it.  There were several phones after the Blackberry and then the iPhones… When our oldest children turned 16 and they had cell phones I couldn’t imagine a “child” with their own phone.  But the world has changed and significantly so the next three children all received their first phone much earlier and younger and the last two started with smartphones… They know no other world – for us?… It is amazing to think about the changes phones (even landlines) have gone through over the last three or four decades.

The World Today

The greatest changes are going on right now.  Now, we no longer need to focus on the devices but on the service.  We are not confined to 2 year commitments or just a certain network.  We no longer are stuck with one provider just because of the brand of phone we choose.  There are plans that require a commitment, there are pay as you go etc…

Along Comes Ting Mobile

Ting is an exceptional option for cell service.  There are no contracts, NO COMMITMENTS.  You select a monthly service by selecting the number of phones, the number of nationwide minutes, how many text messages you would like per month and how much data.  The feature I like best of all is that you can bring your own device – 80% of all phones will work on Ting.  There are no limits on the number of devices you can have on a Ting account – it’s simple, each additional device is $6 and shares all the pooled services.  If you don’t have a device to bring over to Ting you can easily purchase one of the phones they have available – anything from flip phones, mobile hot spots to smartphones.

I calculated my savings for 5 devices, 3,000 minutes, 2,000 text messages and 10 gb of data.  Some of these are most probably and overstatement because I currently have unlimited texting and minutes but I can’t imagine we use more than these suggested limits.  I would easily save $55 per month.  I could totally not only switch to Ting but also get a mobile hotspot for all my business needs on the road – each additional gb of data is just $10!  Well worth it to have everything I need while traveling.

Have you ever tried calling one of the larger companies?  It takes forever to get out of the automated system to speak with someone.  With Ting you always get a “live” person.  What a novel idea – speaking to a person!  Thank goodness someone is paying attention because everyone hates the automated phone systems.  The Ting Mobile service has coverage on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks so there is plenty of national coverage so you don’t need to worry about not having service.

With all these wonderful features the average price per device ends up only being $23; their focus is on rates and not plans – you only pay for what you use; all phones share the same account and pool of options; you can even set caps on minutes and data so you only use what you want to – this would be so important for the kids who want to stream music and videos all day long…  In our home we have phones for persons aged 11 through 77.  We all have varying needs and the Ting Mobile program can easily meet everything we have – Flip phones, smartphones, home connect and I need a hotspot…My father in law uses just minutes – he doesn’t text, doesn’t use data and has a flip phone.  He is set in his ways and does not want to try any other phone.  So we can easily switch to Ting and the entire transition would be invisible to him.  No behavioral changes required.

Try Ting TODAY –  You can get $25 towards your first device or as Ting service credit when you make the switch. And, if you’re stuck in a contract, Ting offers 25% credit of ETF (Early Termination Fees), up to $75 per device, for coming to Ting – making this the perfect time to make a chance.


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