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Stop Wasting Advertising Dollars & Build Your Customer Base by Kelcy Coleman

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We all know you can pay for advertising – there are abundant resources if you have a great deal of money to invest.  However, in reality some of us are small business owners who have limited resources.  This book is definitely a welcome addition to the marketplace.  There are more and more small business owners entering the market on a daily basis – bloggers, network marketers, and more.  The whole point in entering these industries is that they are easy to enter and require little up front investment.  It can take years to make a decent amount of money but pretty quickly you can make some spare spending money.

Kelcy takes advertising and breaks it down into why some of the free or least expensive methods are actually the most productive.  She brings up a good point about paid advertising such as those mailers you get via snail mail – does anyone actually read them?  What about stuffers you receive in bills etc… Personally, I pull out the bill and throw the rest out never giving the stuffers a glance.

Not only that Kelcy lets the reader know how to better meet their target audience rather than doing blanket advertising where only approximately 1-2% will even be interested – which interest does not necessarily equate to business.

Digital Marketing has opened up a whole new world.  With my business I spend hours per day online – she details how to come up with your target audience by making lists – specific lists as she outlines.  Once you have your target audience you can relatively easily determine which digital advertising will suit you best.  Then what would be your best partner such as software, management services etc…  In many of these situations there will be an investment and it could be significant depending upon the direction you’d like to go.  Then Kelcy tells you how to put it all together and make your advertising happen.

What Kelcy offers is a roadmap – once you choose a specific digital marketing plan and partner you need to do the research and learn how to make it all work.  This book is a quick read with some great tips and highlights benefits and pitfalls.  If you are new to digital marketing or even a veteran who has really only stuck with two or three marketing strategies – this book is for you.

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