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Step by Step, Pound by Pound and How You Can Lose Weight Too!


Twenty one days ago I embarked upon a weight loss program and my life will never be the same again – FOR THE BETTER.


First I will tell you a little bit about me.  I have always struggled with my weight but most of the time I could lose it and then would gain it back.  I never really lost weight by diet though – it was almost always through fitness such as softball, baseball, swimming, basketball, boxing, soccer, and dancing.  I would say that I was always ADHD but that didn’t really exist as a diagnosis when I was a child.  I was that child who literally every waking moment would be bored no matter what I was doing.  It was easy to deal with the ADHD back then – my parents opened the door at 8am and screamed bloody murder when it was time for me to come home for lunch; then I ran back out until the same thing happened at supper time; then I ran back out until the street lights came on – that was my signal to come home.


After college though it became more difficult to keep the weight off.  I would lose 60 pounds then put it back on and then some.  Then do it again, and again.  I tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and so many others.  I lost weight in dangerous ways on my own – then put the weight back on.  Once I got married and had several miscarriages I was losing the battle.  Mentally and physically I was beaten.


At one point I even got the gastric band – sure I lost weight but I hated it.  I could no longer eat chicken, or fish, or salad.  Some foods just would not pass easily through the band and it seemed it was always the healthy food.  After four years I started having chest pains – really bad.  I was sure I was dying and all I could think about was my husband and my special needs children who need their mom.  By the time I went to the ER I was immediately admitted.  I had two huge (largest the surgeon had ever seen) holes in my stomach.  That band was immediately removed.  Then it took a year for my stomach to heal totally – it is only just recently that I trust that all is as it should be.



Twenty one days ago I started on a new journey.  A journey with a nutraceutical company which has weight loss products, fitness products, essential oils, and more.  My life is forever changed.  I will talk about the pain relief I have had in a future post but this post will discuss the weight loss.


I immediately learned that I can lose weight, I can get back to riding my horses, I can go back to walking 4-5 miles at a time, and I can just embrace loving who I am throughout the entire process.


Zija International has a whole suite of weight loss products.  You can select which products and product combinations work best for you.  I select based on what I need at any given point in time but so far I have lost 18 in 22 days as of today.  This last week had a slower rate of loss because I was on vacation in Florida.  The fact that I was still able to lose rather than gain is amazing!


I do know I am losing weight quickly and generally losing weight quickly is considered a no-no.  But the thing is – this is taking minimal effort to lose this weight – so why stop!


There are other ways to manage your weight loss with Zija but this is my daily regimen:

Typical Day

AM – XM3 about half hour after I wake up; Supermix on my way to work.  Generally I will stop at McDonalds and get an order of scrambled eggs or I will have a couple slices of chicken breast deli meat with a light string cheese.

LUNCH – Vegetables – could be cooked vegetables or raw vegetables.  Depends on my mood.  Some sort of protein such as a can of tuna (in water), chicken breast, etc…

SNACK – Because I go take care of my horses after work and need energy for all that work I do eat a snack which generally consists of whatever fruit I have on hand and light string cheese.

SUPPER – Not too different from lunch.

SNACK – Fruit, hummus, crackers or whatever.  Occasionally it will be a cookie or two but definitely not every day.


Barn work – at least an hour which includes lugging 50 pound bags of grain, 50 pound bags of bedding, 50+ pound bales of hay, shoveling stalls clean and more.


I do not get to do other physical activity on most days but when I do, I walk and bike…

Walking – at least 3 miles per day (in small chunks or all at once)…

Biking – when I have time.  Just a few miles at a time since that is about all the kids have patience for.



If I know that I will not be getting any real exercise in a day – I will take XMBurn first thing in the morning and put off taking XM3 until just before lunch.


If I know my diet may not be easy to follow in a certain day I will take 2 XMBurn in the morning and 2 XMBurn midday.



Now is the time to join me.  This weight loss program is better than any other I have ever tried.  It is amazing and the results are quick.  I felt better literally from day 1!  Email me at TheStuffofSuccess at gmail dot com if you’d like to join me or message me on Facebook – .

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