Awesome Tips That Will Help You Do Puppy Potty Training


Puppy potty training is something you should take seriously. Naturally, besides the very fact that you wouldn’t like to have a puppy pooping all over the place, it is also a process that builds up your relationship. It sets up ground rules and will affect your dog’s psyche for years to come.

Given that potty training is done almost immediately upon puppy’s birth, it sets up basis for any and every following training. This means that if you get this one wrong, it may impact everything else.


What the big deal with puppy training?


Now, everything I’ve said so far might seem a bit farfetched and overdramatized. It is not so. The point of puppy potty training is not only to learn your puppy how to potty. It is also important to create a bond between you.

When dog know it can rely on you for its physical needs, it will start looking towards you as a friend; as someone that is able to facilitate its physical needs and help him out. In other words, you will become a provider.

This can become tricky if dog is living within a big family. Everybody is going to take care of it and dog will never create that special bond with one or two people. Instead, it will lose discipline thinking that if one person doesn’t take it out for a walk, the other will. In other words, it won’t listen to anyone in particular which can create confusion.

It is best if one person does the whole job. This way that person will become “go to” for pottying.


Things you must never do


Before I mention things you have to do during the training, it is necessary to mention mistakes.

First of all, you need to realize that puppy is still small. Unlike adult dog who has certain degree of understanding world around it, puppy is still young. This means two things: 1. It won’t be able to understand your command; 2. It will learn based on things you show it. Only after some time will the dog be able to potty properly.

If you are setting a bad example this can create a confusion in dog’s mind. It is best if you even have a command for pottying such as “go potty”. This will tell the dog that it is now allowed to relieve itself.

Worst thing you can do during training is hit the dog. Although some dog trainers may recommend a slap here and there, I am completely against it. This might alienate your dog making it aggressive towards you. In fact, it can cause trauma.


Things that you need to do


As a dog owner, you are the one that needs to predict puppy’s needs.

If puppy needs to pee 5 times a day you need to know when that will happen. This is important because you already should be outside when the instinct kicks in. This prevents any accidents. Also, this means that your dog will pee outside every time. Peeing or pooping within the home will stop being possible in its mind and it will never create such a habit.

But this is why you need to get informed and learn more about your dog’s habits.

Like people, dogs need to go in the morning and in the late evening. They also need to pee/poo after a meal. It is approximately 30 minutes after a meal. Make sure to give your dog equal meals and at the same time so you can create a habit and be able to time its urges.

Lastly, find an area where the dog constantly pee or poo. Dogs recognize smells and will get accustomed to this terrain from this point onward.

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