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The Top 4 Pet Care Vacuums in 2017


If you’ve ever been a fur-parent, you must have battled some frustrating fur in your heydey. Surely you’re already having war flashbacks of you cleaning all over the house with nothing but a vacuum in tow, but somehow still missing a furball here and there.

Now, if you’re a smart fur-parent you would’ve realized at some point that a normal vacuum just won’t cut it. Animal hair requires things like stronger suction power, durability and the ability to clean both furniture and floors at a minimum! Thankfully in this day and age, there are vacuums to suit both you and your pets’ needs. Vacuums for pets have been around for awhile, giving us an array of options for every need in 2017. They’re refined and elegant machines now, all built around every individual need. Some have caught our eye and we’re breaking down four worth looking into below:


  • Shark Vacuums


What really shines about Shark Vacuums for Pet Hair is the amount of versatility their lines offer. Their biggest selling point is by being able to switch through functionalities without needing to turn off the vacuum at all. The variety of attachments they have is evenly matched with every need you might have as a pet owner. Favorites include the genie attachment (a textured cloth rotator that effectively rids both carpeted and hardwood floors of fleas and pet hair) and the motorized brush attachment (a brush with hard bristles that removes grime in carpets with little to no effort exerted).



  • Dyson Pet Vacuum Cleaners


Recent reviews on any Dyson pet vacuum cleaners have been great testimonies of just how they’ve been churning out so of the best products in the last year. One of the reasons why the brand has been acing it is because it’s released a model for almost every maneuvrability need in the market. It manages to cover all the bases without compromising their strong suit – unparalleled suction power.


  • Hoover Vacuum Cleaners


Some might argue that “Hoover” is already synonymous to “vacuum” in some countries. That’s exactly why it isn’t surprising to find that they’re also leading in the niche of the pet vacuum market. Hoover vacuums are always worth looking into as they’re cheaper alternatives to equally trustworthy brands. It’s a huge plus as well that most of their models can be used with HEPA filter attachments, which might be a huge consideration if you’re prone to allergies.


  • Miele Dynamic Vacuum Cleaners


While Miele vacuums may not be for the average consumer, they certainly deserve some spotlight for pure performance. Miele vacuums tend to be on the more expensive end of the pet vacuum market, but it’s for good reason. Miele is one of the few brands that truly lets you customize your cleaning experience with a variety of suction power options, all while being lightweight enough to easily maneuvre around the house. If you can afford Miele machinery without breaking the bank, this might be a good option to consider.

In any case, no matter which vacuum brand you choose to go with, it’s good to keep in mind that different pet owners have different needs. Like with purchasing any other appliance, keeping in mind a set of priorities should leave you happy and contented using the same appliance for years to come.


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