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POWERSERIES™ PRO Cordless 2-in-1 Pet Vacuum For Pet Hair Cleanup Needs

This is a sponsored post by Black and Decker.  All opinions are my own. My husband and I have always had dogs – usually multiple.  This is the first time in our married lives where we have only had one.  Breeds we have had over the years include Dalmatians, English Mastiff, Weimaraners, Newfoundland, Miniature Schnauzer….. [Read More]

The Top 4 Pet Care Vacuums in 2017

  If you’ve ever been a fur-parent, you must have battled some frustrating fur in your heydey. Surely you’re already having war flashbacks of you cleaning all over the house with nothing but a vacuum in tow, but somehow still missing a furball here and there. Now, if you’re a smart fur-parent you would’ve realized.. [Read More]

Is “What Is The Best Commercial Vacuum” Still Relevant?

  The question of what the best commercial vacuum cleaner is baffling to most people, especially those in the cleaning business. You might confuse the commercial vacuum cleaner with the ordinary vacuums found at home. However, the difference between top-rated commercial vacuum cleaners and the cleaner at home is that commercial vacuum cleaner are much.. [Read More]