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If This Dog Could Talk… Is Your Dog At Risk for Dog Flu?

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We are a family of dog lovers.  This is the first time in our married life where we only have one dog.  At times, we have had up to five and honestly would probably have had more than 5 if the town didn’t set that as a limit where we live.  With that many dogs at any given time of 26 years of marriage – we have seen a lot.  The worst that we experienced was when we bought one of our Weimaraners.  He came to us with kennel cough.  He survived it, but the other four dogs suffered considerably.  We almost lost one of our Dalmatians at the time – it was a horrible experience.



That entire event really solidified my belief in vaccinating our pets.   What I didn’t know at the time was that dog flu is actually one of the causes of kennel cough. Many people consider their dogs to be members of the family – our dog is definitely considered a member of our family.  I have five children and as much as I take care of their healthcare and prevention of human flu – I take just as active measures to protect our dog, Xena Lee.  We do not want her to contract the flu.  We aren’t in a position right now to have multiple dogs – she is our pride and joy and loves being an only dog.  She is queen of our home and knows it.   How can we protect her from dog flu?  With proper protection and the dog flu vaccination.



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It is so important to understand that dog flu can hit at any time of year – not just the winter season like for humans.  This is something we must protect our pets from all year long.  What does dog flu look like?  If I were to see my dog coughing, sneezing, gooey eyes, abnormally exhausted or appears to have a fever – I would be concerned.  Sometimes when humans get the flu they end up with pneumonia afterwards making the situation very critical or even lethal.  The same is true for dog flu. It is very important to note that dog flu is relatively new so almost no dogs have built up immunities to it yet.  Every dog is potentially at risk.  Prevention measures that you take as humans are the same as you would take to protect your dog – including washing hands/clothes thoroughly and avoiding contact with others while infected. It can be more difficult if you have multiple dogs because it spreads so quickly.

Let’s Do All We Can To Protect Our 4 Legged Children…

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