So You Want To Start A Business…


So you want to start a business… DON’T DELAY!  That is definitely my first tip.  The earlier you start the sooner you can become successful.  It doesn’t take much to start – you first must determine where your interests lie and what you are looking to do.  For example – for me it was start a blog.

Well, start a blog is a very vague idea but it is at least an idea.  I spent forever and a day trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to blog about.  My next tip is to just start… No matter what your focus is there is so much to do.  You don’t need to have every detail worked out in your mind before you start.  Believe me even if you work out all the details you will need to be flexible because there will be surprises and changes that come along and you can’t let that derail your efforts.

Make lists – for me I have lots of lists.  There must always be a way for you to move forward.  For example in blogging I needed to build a site, choose a theme, choose a niche and get up and running.  I was able to do all that fairly quickly but within a month of doing all that – I hated it and changed it all up.  I have a blog name that can be used in many different niches so that worked perfectly.  My blog started 9 years ago as a business blog.  Then it transitioned to more about daily successful living; then crafts and DIY projects; now it is really about multiple niches that have stood the test of time in my life over the years – health/wellness/fitness, pets, travel, business, family, finance, food, and more.  Again – be flexible and change when you need to.

If you work for someone else you know that laws and regulations change frequently.  You must always stay abreast of changes in your field.  Be sure to belong to appropriate networks that allow you to not have to do everything on your own.  Your business will be much better and more successful if you accept the help of others and offer help to others.  Success breeds success.  Some of the things we need to pay particular attention to as a blogger are changes with sponsorship requirements, social media changes, vendor changes and more in addition to any tax changes that may impact our business(es).

Manage your business – do not let your business manage you.  Marty Stallone has an interview that touches on managing a business to lead it to success.  As an employee you can let the business manage you but as a business owner you must manage the business.


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