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Plugfones Guardian Plus – The Best For Peace and Quiet

Okay so do you have kids?  I do – I love them dearly but sometimes I just want to tune them out.  The constant demand for mom’s attention can get a little overwhelming at times.  We have kids from 12 to 30 years old so I have been hearing “mom” for a very long time!  I think at this time I deserve a little bit of a break hear and there – after all they are quite self sufficient now it is just easier to shout “mom” whenever they need something rather than figuring it out themselves.

These Guardian Plus Plugfones are perfect for my needs.  They are small and portable – I can easily keep them in my purse.  They are in their own little carrying case which is perfect – it is so annoying to try and find a way to carry headphones.  They can easily get tangled around everything in my purse/bag if they aren’t in some sort of carrying case.

They have SoundSeal noise-suppressing technology which minimizes environmental noise in order to give an immersive, unparalleled listening experience. It acts as a barrier between me and everything I don’t want to hear!  I can now focus on my audible books and my music in peace.  Not to mention all the training programs I never have time to listen to!

I can control my music and manage calls with the Quickdraw Easy Access Control which has ruggedized buttons allowing me to play or pause, answer or end calls, adjust volume, progress through songs, and more.

And best of all is the IsoTalk technology which is a built-in noise isolating mic that helps reduce noise for phone calls. I am on call pretty much 24 hours per day.  I get phone calls for emergencies at the most crazy moments – such as mucking out my horses’ stalls – this mic identifies, isolates, and kills environmental noise so whoever is on the other end of the call can hear me, not what’s going on around me.  They can’t even tell that I am at the barn surrounded by horses, kids, adults, goats and all the other animals!

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