National School Lunch Week – How We Celebrated

National School Lunch week was October 9th through the 13th.  I received these items a little too late to promote for that week but let’s talk about school lunches – and choices…

My kids bring lunch every day to school – it is obviously more work than buying lunch but they don’t have school cafeterias and even when they went to schools that did, they always opted to bring a lunch.  They are far too picky to decide on anything on a school menu.  Bringing lunches requires some planning and preparation.  I want them to have choices, healthy choices and plenty to keep them hydrated and fed throughout the day.  Once they get home from school they are busy busy so they need enough calories to get them through barn chores, horseback riding, and more – every single day of the week.

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, “Being dehydrated by just 2% impairs performance in tasks that require attention, psycho-motor, and immediate memory skills, as well as assessment of the subjective state.” As the only zero-calorie, sugar-free and preservative-free children’s beverage on the market, AquaBall is ideal for ensuring that school-aged children are motivated to drink water throughout the day. Kids will stay hydrated with the naturally flavored, sugar free water that comes in four fruity flavors (Fruit Punch, Grape, Strawberry Lemonade and Berry Frost) and features fan favorite characters from Disney’s “Frozen”, Disney Princesses, Marvel’s “Avengers,” and Disney Classic Characters.

My kids almost always have Aquaballs in their lunchbox – they are more heatlhy, are available in awesome flavors and just the right size!

And my daughter’s all time favorite snack is popcorn, everything popcorn.  The Little Kernel Mini Popcorn flavors are so much fun and make popcorn even better!  The bags are even a really good size bag so she gets to share with her friends!

Go Organically Fruit Snacks are a tasty, on-the-go USDA-certified organic fruit snack made with real fruit. Even better, these fruit snacks are gluten-free, contain 100% DV Vitamin C, GMO Free and contain no preservatives, offering families a delicious and authentic snack. (8-Count Boxes with 0.8oz. Pouches / $3.99)

They are available in great flavors and it doesn’t matter what the flavors are – the kids love them.

NEW Welch’s Fruit Rolls deliver the same quality consumers love in Welch’s Fruit Snacks, in a new, irresistibly fun format. Featuring fruit as its first ingredient and made with natural flavors and colors from natural sources, the Fruit Rolls are gluten free, preservative free, feature 100% DV of Vitamin C and are a good source of Vitamins A & E. Available in three mouthwatering flavors: Berry, Tropical Punch, and White Grape Strawberry. (6ct box with 0.75oz roll / $2.99)

The kids have always love fruit rolls but we have only ever really allowed the to eat more healthy products and other than when I make my own fruit rolls (which I do alot) – they haven’t been allowed to have them.  But now that Welch’s has fruit rolls they are ecstatic – truly!  They are now allowed to have commercially packed fruit rolls – they love mine but dehydrators are not fast and it seems that as soon as I finish a huge batch (12 trays) I need to start another one because they will have eaten the full first batch by the time the 2nd one is done.

And why do they need to get appropriate nutrition and calories?


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