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12 Responses

  1. Construction toys use imagination and problem solving abilities.

  2. Darlene Owen says:

    I do consider construction toys as education, they are the beginning of our engineers.

  3. shirley emitt says:

    Construction toys are educational, we use them all the time.

  4. Marty C says:

    Sure. I definitely consider them educational, more educational than many toys that are actually marketed on that basis. They teach children basic hands-on physics — balance, magnetism (e.g. Magnatiles), and the elements of structural design — as well as exercise kiddos’ artistic and dramatic play faculties.

  5. Tonya Mcminn says:

    Yes construction toys are educational they are a great way for helping kids with hand and eye coordination

  6. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    Yes i think constuction toys are educational.

  7. livivua says:

    yes for fine motor skills

  8. Laurajj says:

    I do! Anything that helps build their imagination and gets them thinking!

  9. Tara O. says:

    I do consider them educational! They let kids solve problems in a creative way!

  10. Sharon Schoepe says:

    Yes, I do consider them educational. They teach problem-solving, visual spatial awareness and are great for fine motor skills.

  11. Jenny Q. says:

    I do think construction toys are educational and play is a great way for kids to learn.

  12. amy stonger says:

    Yes, construction toys are educational. They teach things such as following directions, small motor skills, and cause and effect.

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