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Well this week was Thanksgiving.  How’d you all do?  Are you still in a food coma?  Are you sick and tired of the up and downs – or just the “downs”?  Then now is the time for you to check out Muscle Up Meals!  Eating right nutrition is very important for a healthy body. Many people struggle to lose weight, and at the same time there are people who want to gain some weight to get perfect body shape. Right nutrition combined with supplements like apetamin syrup can be of great help for such people.

About Muscle Up Meals

Adam Karapetyan is the co-founder of Muscle Up Meals.  He started his weight loss transformation at 400 pounds and in 14 months he lost 200 pounds!  He went from obese to beast… in just 14 months.  Adam made a commitment to lose weight and do whatever was necessary to get healthy.  He even succeeded so much that he won the National Golds Gym Challenge!

The principles are basic – healthy food and proper nutrition.  To be the best you can be you need to stop filling your body with junk.  Your body must be fueled by nutrients to get strong, burn fat, build muscle, and protect your vascular and immune systems.  Adam proceeded based on those principles and was extremely successful.  Adam did it by consuming only healthy food that gave him the base, strength and stamina and he created a new body.  While following these principles he was also helped along with his progress by a fitness coach to help him reach his fitness goal.

Muscle Up Meals is committed to help people get the proper nutrition they need to achieve their fitness and healthy lifestyle goals.

Executive Chef Efrain Torres also lost 60 pounds on his journey to a healthy lifestyle.  Together Efrain and Adam created Muscle Up Meals to bring 5 star delicious meals that are precisely weighed and measured for optimum nutrition to reach their goals.

How Do I Start With Muscle Up Meals?

Muscle Up Meals has local delivery in the Los Angeles area – Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara, San Diego and more.  This local delivery service allows food to arrive fresh.  Deliveries occur on Sunday evening and all day Monday.  Normal deliveries are 5 days worth of food but you can choose other options.  Coolers are left with enough ice to keep the food fresh for up to 24 hours if no one is home.

Muscle Up Meals can ship via UPS / Fedex / USPS to California, Nevada, and Arizona. Parts of Utah may also be possible. This is due to needing the food to arrive within a maximum window of 3 days.

What Is the Program

The program uses very fresh ingredients, all non gmo, mostly “organic” (but they’re not allowed to label their food that way for lack of paying for expensive certification). By default their weight loss and maintenance meals have a half cup of carbs, 5 ounces of protein, and very lean besides the occasional plant fat, such as in their chicken satay which contains some organic almond butter as one of its key ingredients. The macros are perfectly balanced for most people, from 400-550 calories per meal, and typically 30 or so grams of carbs, and 35-45 grams of protein, and 5-12 grams of fat. They don’t add sugar to anything, once in a while their meals have a tiny bit of fructose, but it’s very minimal at just a few grams at most.

Check out some of these amazing Menu Options!

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