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Top Tips to Build the Glutes You Wanted

It’s never been more apparent when you think of the booty craze phenomenon. It’s enlisted everywhere in popular culture. From music videos, song lyrics, television, paid programming and even Google’s Play Store has a “Best Butt Fitness” app.

So you want in on this booty action, right?

Well now is the time. Getting the glutes you’ve always aspired to have doesn’t have to come with so many sacrifices and a plethora of exercises. While genes can play a part in having a dreamy butt—following a few of the suggestions in this article will help you get the glutes you’ve always wanted.

Cardio Or No Cardio?

Cardio seems to be a debatable issue, when it comes up to build the glutes. However, according to fitness and booty guru, Paula Nordin of Butt Bible, cardio is okay if you mix it up.

What Nordin means is by alternating the speed and durations of your cardio. For instance, one minute go slow, and then on the next go around on the treadmill speed it up. This kind of alteration will help increase your fat burning ratio.

No Junk Food Or Sodium

Sodium and junk food has a way of tiring a person down. It also hurts the way your body retains water. Your body needs water for a better and healthier looking skin tone. While the goal here is “junk in the trunk,” skip the junk food aisle the next time you’re in the grocery store.

Having a healthy and balanced diet, while drinking water and eating lean meat and poultry, will go a long way in your fat burning effort, while providing the proper nutrients all of your body’s muscles need.

Squat, Squat, Squat!

Remember earlier we mentioned, that you don’t need to do a plethora of exercises? That’s true. But certain exercises are vital when building up the glutes.

Squats are the most ideal exercise for the lower body and for the glutes. This will target every muscle in your leg region, as well as the hips and the small of your back.

Always maintain proper form, and focus on the form each time you do a rep. Your legs should be shoulder length apart and your toes pointed out.

Most experts would advise that when you do a squat, you will want to squat as low as possible because the movement targets your glutes more specifically, rather than the quads.

Another way to build the glutes more effective and to take the focus off your quads, is to strive for a wide step forward when you do your squat reps.

While squats are a great way to build your buttocks, there are other exercises that do the job just as well.

Glute Bridges

Glute bridges is an exercise that isn’t too hard on anyone to do. As a matter of fact, that is why they have become so popular.

Simply sit on the ground with your upper back propped up against a bench. Bend the knees and keep your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Squeeze your glutes and raise your pelvis to create a straight line between your knees, hips and shoulder. Your pelvis region should rise slightly off the floor to perform an effective glute bridge.

Try adding weights with the same range of motion to intensify the workout and burn.

Step Ups

Another exercise that works great on the glutes,while being highly effective and easy to do is step ups.

For beginners, try step ups without weights. To do a proper step up, you will need a weight bench or something elevated enough, where you are able to bend your knee at a 90 degree angle.

Place right foot on the weight bench so that it is flat. Then press through your right heel and step onto the bench with your left foot until both are right aside one another. Next, simply step down with the right foot to the start position. Do this 15 times each foot and alternate. Add weights once you feel you’re ready to intensify your regimen.

The Wrap Up

Building your glutes, as you can see, doesn’t have to be difficult. The common problem most people have is time and money. With the exercises above, you defeat both common challenges. Another issue for most people with their glutes is muscle imbalances.

Because the average person spends so much time sitting down, an occurring issue with the glutes is how inactive they can be. Simply standing up and doing different stretches will help keep your glutes active throughout the day.

These are just a few exercises that anyone can do. Hip thrusts and lunges, as well as other types of squats can also be implemented as part of your glute workout. Always keep a healthy diet, keep your glutes active, and incorporate the workouts above twice a week to get the glutes that you’ve always wanted.

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