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Know More About Fracture Shaft Femur Repair Surgery

Femur bones are the strongest bones in a human body. These bones do not fracture easily. However, these strong bones may fracture because of some high impact injury. If you have a fracture in your femur bone then you may be suggested a surgery to repair the damage. If you are looking for surgery options in Bangalore, then there are many good options for Fracture Shaft Femur Repair surgery in Bangalore.

The femoral shaft constitutes the straight long part of the femur. Thus, the femoral shaft fracture is any fracture along the length of the femur bone. The surgical procedure may depend on various factors, such as:

  • The exact location of fracture: whether the fracture is in the distal, middle or proximal shaft
  • The fracture pattern: how the bone has broken, from the centre, length-wise or in a random manner
  • Trauma to the skin or muscle: whether the broken bone has affected the muscle and skin

After monitoring the above factors, your surgeon can easily classify your femoral shaft fracture in the following categories:

  1. Transverse femoral shaft fracture: In this kind of fracture the bone breaks across the femoral shaft horizontally.
  2. Spiral femoral shaft fracture: As the name suggests this fracture results from a twisting force and the fractures encircles the shaft.
  3. Oblique femoral shaft fracture: This fracture can be identified by looking at the angled line that runs across the shaft.
  4. Comminuted femoral shaft fracture: This kind of fracture result from breaking of the shaft bone at three or more places.
  5. Open femoral shaft fracture: This fracture results when the fractured bone protrudes out from the skin. This is a complicated kind of fracture and takes extensive surgical measures for the repair. This kind of fracture usually takes longer to heal.

Femoral shaft fractures result from intense trauma caused to the femur bone. The trauma can be a result of high impact accident or fall. In older people femur fracture results from weaker bones. Once it is established that you may require this surgery, you may choose any good surgeon. There are many Fracture Shaft Femur Repair surgeons in Bangalore.

After ascertaining your symptoms, your surgeon may ask you a couple of questions, concerning the cause of fracture, your medical history etc. After a visual inspection of your condition, your surgeon may refer you for X-ray or CT scan, based on the severity of your condition. Though in most cases, x-ray provides all the information that your surgeon may require. However, if your surgeon feels the need for further evaluation and needs cross-sectional images of your bones, a CT scan may be advised.

The treatment of femur shaft fracture involves a surgical procedure, however, in some cases where young children are involved; cast may be used to heal the broken bones. The healing time depends on the severity of the fracture but most fractures heal within 4 to 6 months after the surgery. Sometimes complications such as infection, blood clot, nerve injury or other severe complications may arise from the surgery. It is recommended to go for regular follow-ups to your doctor to avoid complications.

It is very important that you get the femur fracture shaft surgery done by an expert in the field, to speed up the recovery and avoid complications. You may even log on to service provider websites such as PSTakeCare, for more information on the hospitals and surgeons.

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