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6 Amazing Facts about Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are meant to appeal to our sub conscious mind and can be either auditory or visual but they are within the limits of human being’s perception. Sometimes subliminal messages might not be visible to your conscious mind but they do affect your sub conscious mind in ways you might not have imagined.

The scientific research is still going on in this area and nothing is really concrete yet but subliminal messages still are very much relevant and used by mass media, ads, marketers and businesses as a ways to communicate their messages to the common public. There are many interesting facts associated with them too and we are going to list six of the most amazing facts about subliminal messages that you might have missed out before. So without any further delay, here are the six most amazing facts about subliminal messages that you need to know:

  1. Subliminal Messages are Often Used in Movies

Many famous movies have a hidden or a subtle message that your naked eye might have missed out. It may surprise you but these subliminal messages are present in many famous movies that you might have re-watched a couple of times now. Some examples are The Exorcist that had many subliminal messages throughout the film but these messages would be only visible if you saw the still frames of the movie. Psycho, a Hitchcock’s classic too uses many instances of subliminal messages to make its narration even more spooky by getting the sub conscious engaged.

  1. Subliminal Messages are Older Than Your Guess

The New Psychology was one of the first to publish an article about the workings of subliminal messages. This was way back in the year 1897 and while it did not manage to gather much attention when it was first published, it became relevant later during the Second World War. A tachistoscope is a device that flashes images quickly for brief period of times and is basically a way of giving out subliminal messages. This device helped soldiers to identify enemy planes from a short distance.

  1. Vicary’s Experiment

Subliminal messages were in a major controversy after their experimentation by James Vicary, who was a market researcher. He gathered much attention when he claimed that by using subliminal messages in movies, he had managed to increase the sale of popcorns at a movie theatre in New Jersey. This caused frenzy and subliminal messages began to be used extensively in ad campaigns. Vicary never truly gave sufficient data to prove his claim and he even admitted he had lied. No one truly knows whether the experiment was truly successful or was just a publicity gimmick.

  1. They are Used in Psychotherapy

Subliminal messages play a significant role in psychotherapy now days and there are many instances of how psychologists use subliminal messages to help their patients. The subliminal communication can also help patients recover from problems associated with mental illness in some cases.

  1. Subliminal Messages Are Not Illegal

Many people are worried about the use of subliminal messages and wonder about its effectiveness and legality. The truth is that these messages are not illegal and therefore are used extensively in various fields. They can also be used for self development like losing weight, improving concentration and so on. The only reason subliminal messages might be banned is when they are used to manipulate people or when they impart an inappropriate message.

  1. Different People Interpret Them Differently

We all know that every person is different and the same can be said about their minds too. Our dreams, memory patterns, beliefs and ideas vastly differ. Subliminal messages therefore have a different effect on different minds.

These were some facts about subliminal messages and we hope you are intrigued enough to find out more!

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