6 Home Remedies to Fight Opiate Withdrawal

Opiates represent a special kind of drug that is derived from opium. They are prescribed to patients suffering from acute leg, muscle or back pain. But because of their addictive nature they are prescribed only for a couple of weeks.
Now just the word opium should be sending warning bells in your head. The opiates are very effective in relieving pain because they subdue the brain’s perception of pain stimulus. In simpler terms they reduce the ability of the brain to feel pain. And isn’t that what the drug addicts usually look for? Opiates tend to make a person dependent on them even when taken for short periods.
This can be really hard to get accustomed to when you are suddenly taken off the medicines. Patients can have a tough time adjusting to this change and might ask for higher dosage because of the euphoric feeling that it gives.

Now as we don’t want our loved one to fall into a spiral of drug abuse and ruin their lives, we need to do everything to make sure that does not happen. So here are some of the simple home remedies to make sure that patients can effectively fight their opiate withdrawal.

  1. Don’t Shy from Drinking Water Like a Camel!

Opiate withdrawal can leave the patient severely dehydrated. This usually takes the form of diarrhea which can land the patient in the hospital.
To avoid such a situation it is necessary to drink a lot of water and keep replenishing the lost electrolytes. Fruit juices like those of lime and orange are a great electrolyte boost. It is an urgent need for every opiate patient to stay hydrated during the entire withdrawal to avoid any weakness. Lots of water will also help in removing the toxins stored in the body.It is a great way of treating addiction due to opiates.

  1. Good Food Always Works.

A balanced diet is another great home remedy to make sure that relapses don’t occur. During the withdrawal period the body loses a lot of minerals like potassium and calcium.The minerals can either be taken as additional supplements or they need to be included in the diet the patient takes. The diet needs to have all the necessary nutrients to make sure that the body does not starve on them.Care should be taken to make sure that patients don’t relapse during the withdrawal period. If that is managed, patients have a high chance of making it through the withdrawal period.

  1. Think It Is Time for You to Hit the Gym.

Exercise forms the core of a successful withdrawal period. Patients need to take care of the pain that they might be experiencing because of the withdrawal.
Having a good exercise strategy will help keep the mind of opiates. Opiates affect the brain’s normal functioning, as they try to mimic the natural endorphins.
To counter that deficiency, physical exercise is always a great option. Running, jogging, yoga etc. help in producing more of natural endorphins. Exercises are a good stimulant for that, which makes the withdrawal period much easier.

  1. A Warm Bath with Some Aroma Is a Good Thing to Do.

Aromatherapy has always been believed to be a great success in stimulating the nervous system. They help in increasing the production of endorphins which keeps the patient away from depression and acute pain.For the enticing aroma, different flowers, herbs and roots can be used to extract their oils. There are many options for essences like rosemary, lavender, vanilla, ginger and so on.A good soak in a warm bath can help reduce muscular pain and stress from the patient’s body. This is a great home detox tip to keep in mind when undergoing an opiate withdrawal.

  1. Let Some Massage Therapy Work Its Magic.

Massages can help relieve a lot of the muscle and joint pain. Massages help in circulating blood all over the body. It stimulates healing by relaxing the sore muscles and helps relieve the tension from the body.The patient should go for massaging sessions a few times every week for as long as the withdrawal period lasts. In fact, massages have been known to be very effective against chronic pain by soothing muscle spasms and aches.

  1. Sleep Always Helps.

It cannot be stressed as to how important sleep is for a successful opiate detox. Sleep gives the body time to clean and rest itself. Our body is a great machine and usually has its own defenses against most issues; it just needs the time and rest.Sleeping allows your body to rebuild itself into a bigger and better version of yourself. Sleep allows your body to heal at a faster rate and at the same time endure a lot less pain. So, for a change take it as an excuse to take a siesta. So, turn off your lights and take a long rest.

Opiate withdrawal can cause a lot of pain and disturbances but with the right care and remedy it is much easier to get through without relapsing.





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