6 Ways a Personal Chef Changed My Life

It sounds like something from the luxurious lives of celebrities. A personal chef.

This is no longer true. Many trends are first followed by the rich. Soon after you see everyone around you also enjoys new gadgets or fashions. Using a personal chef is no different.

And here are my reasons for advising all my friends to give it a try.

I am Healthier

Processed foods are easy to come by. And I don’t always have the time to search for fresh produce.

The benefit of using a personal chef is that they do shopping too. They love fresh ingredients. And for my personal chef San Diego with its array of farmers markets was the perfect area to go in search of healthy food options for my family.

I am More Relaxed

Of course health is also determined by your psychological state. And stress takes its toll.

Because I don’t have to rush home from work every day to make food, I have less tension throughout my body. I want to have energy to enjoy my family so this is a worthwhile investment for me.

What do you really want to spend your time on?

I am Passionate About Life Again

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I hate making food. I actually love cooking. But doing it every day takes the fun out of it.

From my personal chef I learned new recipes and how to use unfamiliar ingredients. Now it’s fun to try out something new when I have time. And because my family has a new appreciation for food and flavors, they love to join in and help.

Memories made!

Can you see that one small decision can actually spice up your entire life?

My Chef Helps me Save the Environment

And here’s another thing I hated about cooking every day: I wasted a lot of food.

When my children were small they didn’t eat everything on their plates. And I never knew how to gauge how much food to make for an average family. Usually I made too much. I tried using left overs in other dishes, but frequently I had threw away food that had gone off.

A trained personal chef knows exactly how much to buy. They also make the most of every part of a fruit or vegetable. Who knew orange peels can be used to flavor food?

I Save

Worried about the cost of a personal chef? No need.

You may even save money.  And if having your own private dining experience at home with a personal chef wasn’t a good enough reason, here are my reasons for advising all my friends to give it a try.

  • Because we prepared the right amount of food—instead of too much—I saved on my grocery bills.
  • I felt less inclined to find a quick answer so we ate fewer take aways. Do you know how fast those meals can ruin your budget?
  • Chefs even know how to use appliances effectively without power wastage. My utility bill dropped dramatically.

All these savings quickly covered the chef’s salary. Now you have no reason not to try this out.

I am Happier

All of these results improved our standard of living. I feel happier than a year ago and much of it I can ascribe to the chef’s presence.

I love inviting people over for dinner and looking after my family is a privilege. Therefore, my home is always filled with people. But because I’m a perfectionist gatherings made me feel anxious about meal times.

Disasters—burnt dishes—happened once too often to call my fears unfounded. Eventually I focused more on menus than enjoying the people around me.

Employing a personal chef took care of these problems.

And you don’t have to use them every day. Incorporate them into your life once a week or for large family gatherings. This will already take care of some of your anxiety, wastage and time management.


It’s an investment in yourself and your family. And when you do have to cook again the tips you get from the chef will let others think you’re the expert.

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