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Mindfulness – Your Path To Success

Recent surveys of prominent people and industry leaders of all walks of life have conclusively demonstrated that mindfulness practices are essential to temporal success. Mindfulness teachers like Ilchi Lee have proven themselves to be quality partners in the art form of worldly success. They can assist people in reaching their goals more effectively, but more importantly, they can help people to understand what their true goals are.

For example, an influential speaker and presenter named Tim Ferriss has recently sent a questionnaire to more than 140 different people who are considered to be outstanding in their particular fields. This questionnaire had eleven questions on it, and Ferriss analyzed the answers they gave for shared themes and threads. The one commonality he found was some sort of mindfulness or meditation practice among virtually all the respondents.

No matter what industry or endeavor the respondent pursued, approximately 90% reported that they meditated or in some other way spent a portion of their daily activity on mindfulness and concentration exercises. The majority of them said that they carried out their mindfulness work early in the morning, but there was substantial variation in the exact methods used to carry out the task. By the same token, there was a lot of differentiation in the precise practice used. Some worked within traditions such as the Hindu or Buddhist meditative practices, while others used secularized versions of the same. Some even used far more esoteric methods that were enabled by modern technology, including people who used video, audio, and magnetic devices to shape their meditative experiences and reach their particular goals more effectively.

The exact mechanism by which something as intangible as societal prominence can be related to a practice such as meditation is far from well known. However, it is easy to conjecture what some of the subtle influences of meditation and mindfulness might be. For example, meditation has been conclusively demonstrated in laboratory conditions to lower blood pressure. Stress, and the physiological effects associated with stress, are mediated and moderated by these meditative practices. There is even tangible evidence of meditation’s effects on brain structures such as the amygdala. This is the center of the brain most closely associated with autonomous functions such as breathing and maintaining core temperature. Even operation of the body’s basic functions cannot help but free up mental processing power for more important tasks. Instead of struggling with their health and attempting constant micro-remedies for life’s discomforts, the practitioner of meditation can concentrate on what is important to them.

If you practice basic meditation, or if you utilize advanced forms, and want to Change Your Energy , Ilchi Lee has practices and techniques that can be employed so you may reap enormous benefits at any number of points in your life. The meditation will not only provide clarity and proven health benefits. It has the potential to clarify goals and examine the methods used to attain them. It allows the person a power of calm reflection that they can use to consider not only the methods of attaining success but the definition of success by which they measure themselves.

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