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Got 8 Minutes a Day? Spend It With Core Max!

Are you looking for a total body fitness system?  That doesn’t take up much space?  Is easy to store?  And doesn’t take up much time?  If so then the Core Max is the perfect fitness system for you.

When I took it out of the box it didn’t look like too much.  It folds so small – no thicker than a standard sized bed pillow.  I can store it just about anywhere and very easily.

Once you take it out all you need to do is move the push in pegs to where you want them for the desired activity.  There are no tools needed – it is all together in the box when you receive it.  There are 8 basic exercises to do with the Core Max.  These 8 exercises are specifically designed to be muscle burning in just 8 minutes per day.  The workouts are doubly effective because of the dual direction resistance.

There are three resistance levels – dependent upon how high or low you select for a setting.  The included video has a 8-minute Total Toner Workout Plus a 15-minute Fat-Blaster Workout for a total of 23 minutes.

I love the fact that this one piece of equipment can be used even for arm exercises – it is so much more than an ab machine.  It can also be used by me, my 17 year old son, my husband and even my mother in law – there are settings that work well for each of us.

My favorite feature is that it doesn’t just provide the equipment to support weight loss and fitness efforts but also supplies a full nutrition plan to help throughout the process.

Right now you can get all of this from Core Max for just $4.99 for a 30 day trial period (plus $14.95 shipping).  After 30 days you will be charged $29.95 for 2 consecutive months if you have not returned product.  So really you can check it out for a minimal investment and I am sure you will love it.

Core Max is also available on Amazon!

I love that we camp in Maine on weekends for 5 months a year – this barely takes up any space in the car as well as in the camper.  So we will be able to maintain a workout throughout the summer months.  There is no gym at the campground and we have struggled with that for years.  Yes, we do hike, bike and swim but even with that we still want an actual formal workout – and have not been able to get that so far.  Now we can!  I am totally looking forward to the next camping season.

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