4 Quick Activities to Help Boost Energy and Increase Focus

Remaining focused and full of energy throughout each day can quickly becoming draining and overwhelming, especially if you are having trouble concentrating or even getting started with the right morning routine. Implementing a few activities in the beginning of your day or even during stressful moments helps to greatly reduce stress while boosting energy and allowing you to feel much more focused and ready to take on your next task.

Stretch and Use Power Poses to Work for You

Stretch each morning to help loosen up your muscles while allowing your body to wake up and feel more energized. Stand in power poses and get ready as quickly as possible in the morning to harness your energy without allowing yourself to feel demotivated. Standing tall, dressing well, and maintaining morning hygiene is essential to boost and maintain energy while allowing you to face tasks you need to complete much easier and with a clearer head throughout your day.

Meditate Regularly to Help Increase Your Focus Abilities

Meditation is not just for those who practice Buddhism and call for peace and wellness each day. In fact, science is beginning to discover the true benefits of meditation, or transcendental meditation (TM). Meditation does not require you to wear specific garments or sit in uncomfortable or straining positions.

Meditation is actually possible in just about any location with the right mindset. Simply taking 10 minutes out of your day to meditate or follow a guided meditation if you are new to the practice is a way to rid clutter from the mind while bringing balance and focus back to the forefront of your day.

Snack on a Food With Plenty of Dopamine

When you are in a crunch and searching for energy and more focus, opt for a food that is rich in dopamine to get the boost you need instantly. Some of the best foods that provide a healthy dose of dopamine without extreme amounts of sugar and carbohydrates include dark chocolate, fish, and even avocados. Keep healthy and dopamine-rich snacks with you when you need a quick boost without overloading your body with sugar (causing a preventable sugar crash).

Break Down Your Daily Tasks

Somedays it feels nearly impossible to get motivated and to remain focused. When you have a large list of tasks at hand it can quickly become overwhelming to even begin attempting each individual chore you must complete. In order to alleviate stress and to prevent yourself from becoming entirely overwhelmed to the point of avoidance, break down the tasks you have for yourself each day into even smaller tasks.

Breaking tasks down into smaller challenges is a way for you to get a better sense of the time required to complete everything throughout your day. Rather than writing “clean bathroom”, simply break tasks down such as “wipe sink”, “clean toilet”, and “spray mirror”. Crossing out more small tasks throughout your day is more encouraging and motivating than glancing at tasks that appear more daunting due to vague wording.

Taking the time to rebalance yourself is necessary for consistent success and fulfilling days. While it is not always possible to feel 100% energized and focus without fail, utilizing a few productivity tips, tricks, and activities that are healthy for the mind and body allow you to regain control over how you feel throughout most of your days.


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