Choosing the Right Indoor Exercise Machine for You

Exercising is the best way to maintain your body. It not only helps to keep us in shape but it also assists in keeping us healthy. But in our everyday hectic routines, it’s really difficult to make time for gym. The best way is to set a small gym at your home. You can make it fun by purchasing a treadmill with tv. Regular exercising is vital for a healthier life.

There are two types of common exercises i.e. Cardio and Strength training.


These types of exercises are best if you just want to maintain your shape or to shed some extra pounds. They include running, cycling, stepping, and all other such types of basic exercise.

Strength training

They are a specialized type of physical exercise that uses resistance to induce muscular strengths and thus developing the size of skeletal muscles.

But, again the question arises what should you buy? There are numerous options from which you can choose. We have discussed below, some common exercise equipment that is popularly used.

Cardio equipment

These machines are most popularly used for ultimate home gyms and are present at low prices as well. The price ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the specifications of the machine. They include;


Treadmills are running machines that are used for indoor running as an alternate for outdoor walking and jogging. There are two types; manual and powered. Best treadmill uk can help you choose the best one for you.

Manual Treadmills

They are great for burning calories, as they use your physical force. You move the belt by pushing with your feet as there’s no motor to run it. They have limited usage and can be only be used for walking.

Powered Treadmills

Powered treadmills are easier to use as they move by the power provided by the motor. So, you just need to run or walk as you like by selecting your desired mode.

Stationary Exercising Bikes

Stationary exercise bikes are the best exercising equipment especially for the people who have joint problems as there’s no direct stress on your knee joints like is in the case of standing exercising machines like treadmills, stair-steppers, or elliptical trainers. There are two types of exercising bikes; Ordinary or Upright bikes and recumbent bikes.

Ordinary or Upright bikes

These bikes are the same as your ordinary bikes but you can set the resistance according to your need. You have to sit straight in an upright position as you do on a normal bicycle. They’re more suitable if you want to work out vigorously as you can even stand on them and do cycling.

Recumbent bikes

These bikes are the modified form of the traditional bike with a more comfortable seat. They let you sit in a more reclined position and you can exercise more comfortably with your back resting. It is great for people who have balance issues. These bikes also reduce the stress on knee joints.

Recumbent bike vs Upright Bike

You must be wondering what the major difference between the two bikes is and which one is better.

The basic difference is in the sitting position; in an upright bike, you sit over the bike frame like any traditional bike whereas in a recumbent bike your body is fitting into the bike’s frame.

The choice of bike depends solely on you.

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