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Got Aches and Pains? Try Menthonol!

I would love to say this is a product I don’t need.  But, I am 51 years old and full of arthritis.  I have metal in my legs from bilateral high tibial osteotomies – my left leg was straightened by 12 degrees and my right by 15 degrees.  My bones fracture alot, tendons and ligaments tear and just generally have alot of discomfort.  Most days I get by with little complaint.  Some days – oh boy I whine and whine.  Not because someone is listening but because I feel like if I say how much it hurts, I get it off my chest and I can keep moving.  Not logical I know but it is what it is.

…And I own four horses.  One draft horse kicked me in my right heel once and it is two years later and I still struggle with that.  He partially ruptured my achilles tendon – it has never been the same.  And that same draft horse panicked recently and dragged me flying like a kite behind him until I went flying to the ground.  Not sure what I did but my left ankle is now messed up – this was about two months ago.  I take responsibility for the first accident because I was careless and not paying attention to a horse I didn’t know yet.  The second one – total surprise and just my horse being a wackadoo.  But on the flip side – he is fabio gorgeous…  We were told he was around 16 when we bought him two years ago – definitely not.  He is still in his crazy phase so we think he is no older than 10 – if that.

So that aches and pains – most of the time – are worth it.  He does adore me but I come home from spending time with all four horses and doing all the associated chores – very very sore.  I am limping from pain in my knees, hips, heels and ankles.  I wish I had a hot tub but I don’t.  And I don’t like loading up on meds – something topical is definitely best for me.

This search for pain relief led me to Menthonol!  It is a proven pain relief product with Seanol-S as an ingredient.  I have definitely been experiencing fast and effective pain relief.  It is available in a pump and you don’t need much at all.  I wish it was available in a tube and/or as a roll-on.  Maybe someday.  I really don’t like getting it all over my hands so I use rubber gloves.  You don’t use much at all.  I am not sure how long a pump bottle will last – I haven’t finished it yet.  But I don’t use a lot at a time.  Just a little bit for each affected body part.

SEANOL-S Healing Properties (from the Menthonol site):

  • In inflamed or stressed tissues, oxidative stress is present due to various free radicals and a decrease in the antioxidant defense system. Since oxidative stress is both a cause and result of inflammation, there is a positive feedback between it and inflammation.  Therefore it is crucial to reduce oxidative stress together with inflammation in chronically stressed tissues.  Compounds in Seanol-S have been demonstrated to have potent antioxidant effects in various assay systems
  • Anti-oxidant properties with broad spectrum potency scavenge free radicals impairing cellular function and supports repair, recovery, and overall cell health
  • Extensive range of anti-oxidant protection derived from both hydrophilic and hydrophobic polyphenol (phlorotannin) molecules
  • Supports the balance of enzymes needed to optimize blood viscosity.
  • Activation of plasmin thru inhibition of anti-plasmin improves blood flow and viscosity.
  • Healthy blood vessels normally contract or relax, depending on the demand for blood supply. Cells impaired by oxidative stress produce enzymes that cause blood vessels to excessively contract, impeding the flow of blood. This condition is often exacerbated by diet, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. The polyphenols in Seanol-S support the normal contraction and relaxation of blood vessels by inhibiting enzymes that impede vascular flexibility and function.
  • Elastase agonist effect improves flexibility of blood vessels

So order your Menthonol now!

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