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Everything Audio With Best Buy’s AudioFest

This post was sponsored by Best Buy for Magnolia AudioFest and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

We have five children – that may seem like alot but they are so evenly spaced out that we really never had more than three at home at any point in time.  Even as they are grown and return home – still only three at a time.  The youngest two are still home and are 13 and 17.  This is the year that the very youngest of them all is very interested in music and everything audio.

Our oldest son is 31 and extremely into music – he is a musician, avid fan of other artists and a collector of all things classic!  The oldest and the youngest seem to have the most love for anything audio.  Our 17 year old is autistic and just this year begged for a mixer!  I had no idea what to even do with a mixer but we got him one and some friends showed him how to use it.  I think he is venturing into a new area of audio and his love for music also.

Then of course my husband and I are all about music.  He is very much into country.  I can and do listen to pretty much anything except rap.  Although there are a couple rap songs that I have fallen in love with but they are the exception.

With this much music interest we are thrilled to announce Magnolia’s March AudioFest!

This AudioFest is a full month of remarkable deals on audio gear.  Do you have something that you have been dying for?  Something you think you just can’t live one more day without?  Then this AudioFest is the answer!  You can enjoy savings on speakers, receivers, wireless audio gear, headphones, hi-res audio products and so much more.

Each week brings on special savings with online deals and offers only available in stores.  Keep an eye open for all changes and check back often.  Enjoy savings all month long!

Magnolia offers audio and video gear – yet audio is at the heart of Magnolia.  They have premium audio gear with great selections from the most sought after brands!  Check out the Magnolia store and start hearing things in a whole new way.




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