Mornings Are Very Different (And More Healthy) These Days #CalorieCountdown #IC

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It’s that time of year again – the Winter blues are slowly disappearing and everyone is coming out of hibernation.  For us that means more time camping, hiking, biking, swimming but also much more time with our horses.  Keep in mind for us as long as it is above 32 degrees we are outside with our horses in as many hours a day as possible.  Nothing beats the sun and horses – they are a powerful combination.

With this change in our daily activities we naturally start to work on getting rid of any extra Winter weight.  Warmer weather requires that we be more fit, have better stamina, get plenty of rest and watch what we eat and drink so we feel at our best all day long.  We are so thrilled to have found Hood Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverages.  This new dairy beverage is available in whole for 100 calories, reduced fat for just 70 calories per serving, fat free at just 35 calories per serving and chocolate reduced fat – just 80 calories per serving!

Hood Calorie Countdown is so rich and creamy – my daughter was ecstatic and said it was the best chocolate beverage she has ever tasted!  At just 80 calories per serving I am more than happy to allow her to drink it as much as she’d like.  After all she burns alot of calories working with our horses and taking care of our horses.  These beverages have 42% fewer calories, 75% less sugar and 67% fewer carbohydrates than milk.  For me the best point is that it provides 25% of our Daily Value for calcium and 15% of the Daily Value of Vitamin D per one cup serving.  And, we all know Hood is a leader in high quality dairy product and their Calorie Countdown beverages live up to that same expectation.

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The kids love drinking the chocolate beverage exactly as it is, straight out of the carton.  However, if they are headed to the barn for some strenuous work we simply add in some vanilla or rocky road protein powder (low sugar/low carbs) and they are more than satisfied for many hours.

Another great way to incorporate Hood Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverage in our morning routine is with a nice robust healthy smoothie.  We love this beverage with loads of frozen strawberries,  we add a little additional fiber in, and some low sugar, low carbohydrate protein powder.  We use vanilla, cupcake batter, cream puff or strawberry shortcake – and yes those flavors do exist.  The result is a milkshake like morning smoothie that everyone loves!

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How does Hood Calorie Countdown achieve such great taste while also being low calorie? Low sugar? Low carbohydrates? They have a revolutionary approach to this dairy beverage by blending ultra-filtered milk with water, cream (and other ingredients) for a delicious, very thick and creamy taste.  Additionally, the milk farmers who participate in making this beverage commit to not using artificial growth hormones.

These are just some ideas of how to incorporate Hood Calorie Countdown in our morning routine but you can check out all the recipes they offer! We find our Hood Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverages at our local Walmart.

Right now you can get a $.75 off 1 coupon code HERE


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15 thoughts on “Mornings Are Very Different (And More Healthy) These Days #CalorieCountdown #IC

  1. Stephanie Jeannot says:

    I am not particularly a fan of milk because for some reason it does not agree with my body but that chocolate one might go great with my morning bowl of cereal. Sounds yummy. And yeah, I could definitely use shedding a few pounds indeed.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I am slowly coming out of hibernation, too! It has been a long winter. I have to try the chocolate beverage. I will have to look for it at Walmart.

  3. Kate says:

    I am an almond milk drinker but live with milk drinkers so it is good to know that this is an option! Lots of great information here.

  4. Gemille Sleweon says:

    Not a fan of dairy milk myself (vegan here), but i wouldn’t mind trying with almond or cashew milk. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Leigh Anne Broders says:

    I really need to look into this. I am trying to watch my calorie intake and it would be great if I could have something good to start my day!

  6. Libbera says:

    These are really great breakfast ideas. It is important that we start our day off right with the proper fuel. I usually eat Oatmeal in the mornings because it’s easy and delicious. I am going to start trying Hood Calorie Countdown with smoothies now!

  7. Maks Romanov says:

    Excellent post! It is especially useful for those who monitor their health. It is important for me because I spend more time in a sitting position. I am a writer and I write a lot of essays and I use paper writer online by and I also need to watch my diet. Your post helped me a lot.

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