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Mattress Toppers for a Good Night Sleep

Back pain is a common issue with many an individual. An injury to nerves in the low back, providing sensations and power to the muscles, ligaments or joins or discs will result in back pains. It is well understood that people with back pains do not sleep well. In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation, back pain results in irregular sleep patterns and may affect your mood. This may well reflect on your relationships with others.

The best option is to obtain a mattress topper that relieves the back pain. But, what is a mattress topper? This is an additional cover for the mattress, providing that extra comfort and support for the body. This also reflects back the heat of the body, so that the topper, if chosen properly, will provide both comfort and coolness.

Now How Do You Choose A Mattress Topper?

The Material: Latex foam or memory foam are basic materials that go into manufacturing a mattress topper. These memory foam contour the body and therefore give proper alignment to the relevant body structures while you are sleeping, thus ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. The memory foam forms around your body and memorizes the details of the contours of the body, especially the joints and the back, thus relieving the back pain. It also ensures a long working life for the topper.

Thickness: A thickness of at least 3 inches is ideal. If the topper is thick, it will result in firmness and if it is thin, in softness. Too much softness is not recommended. That will be comfortable, but the pain will not go away, as it affects the alignment of the spine. The firmness depends on the softness of the mattress. A soft mattress will require a firm topper and vice versa. On the other hand, super firm mattresses are not recommended.

The density is also important. 4-5 pounds per cubic foot density appears to be good. High density toppers offer great support for the body.

Size: The size of the topper should tally with size of the mattress. The compatibility is vital for your comfort, as the topper must not slip this way and that way, but fit snugly on top of the mattress. Usually, when buying online, it might be difficult to obtain the right fit; hence it is advisable to make sure that the measurements are correct.

Heat retention: When you sleep, he body emits heat and, that, especially during the summer, would make it very uncomfortable for sleeping. The gel infused memory foam, provided ventilation and spreads body heat along the mattress. The presence of openings for ventilation and minimal heat retention are very useful in having a discomfort-free sleep. If it is really unbearable, one can go for cooling pads, especially during the summer.

Topper cover and odour: It is useful to keep the topper clean and in good shape. It is usual to smell an odour once the topper arrives at your door step. It is best to keep it well ventilated for 1 to 2 days to get rid of the odours. Remember, there are double sided mattress toppers. These will have regular density foam on one side and the memory foam on the other side. The former is good for those with high back pains, while the latter is for those with minor back pains.

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