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Top Trumps STEM Decks – A Fun Way To Explore STEM With Your Children

So this set of educational card games are called Top Trumps but I want to be clear they have not one thing to do with Donal Trump.  Top Trumps decks were developed in Great Britain – and well before Donald Trump took office and they intend to be along long after he is out of office.

STEM and STEAM are at the forefront of educational programs these days.  Even in my school district we now have a STEM magnet elementary school and a STEAM magnet middle school.  What is STEM and STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (and Arts).  They still receive a traditional education but aspects of STEM and STEAM are interwoven into the traditional curriculum allowing a greater focus in these areas.

These Top Trumps decks are for ages 4 and up and all decks are just $9.99.

Top Trump Decks include:

Hmmm, how do you breathe in space? This is just one of a deck full of out-of-this-world questions kids can ponder as they play again and again.

Do you know how big the world’s smallest camera is? Players of this themed deck will find out and tell you!

Unlike the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, kids may truly wonder if a robot has a brain. Techies will love this range of facts and figures.

Have you ever wondered if you could survive in the wild? Problems not yet experienced can still be answered in this fact filled game of cards.

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