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Pallets are by far the coolest thing to work with these days.  First of all there are a multitude of types of pallets – square, rectangular, heavy duty, lightweight, pine and so much more.  I am definitely NOT immune to the adoration of pallets.  Yup – I love to work with the heavy duty pallets – rectangular.  They are so incredibly heavy, far more heavy than I had ever imagined.  So just think about how much you can do with something so heavy duty!

For example I used two pallets for my daughter’s bed – time to move up to a teenage bedroom.  I threw some holiday lights underneath, she has a full size bed with boxes as a headboard, built in spots to hold books and on the other side she has her painting canvas’ under the bed.  Exactly what we were looking for.  But what can I do with the remaining pallets?

Some we will be bringing to the campground to use as a platform for our grill; we may bring more up to even build a deck – yes they are that heavy duty.

This Wood Pallet DIY Projects book has so many more great ideas.  I can see my summer being consumed with pallet projects!

Several years ago when a friend asked Baltimore cabinet maker Stephen Fitzberger to build raised garden beds to teach Baltimore City children how to grow food, a novel idea was born. He didn’t have funds for the project, so he used reclaimed wood from shipping pallets.

He started a company, Abba Woodworks, LLC, with the main objective of creating jobs and teaching skills to those who struggle finding an open door. “I realized that pallets from businesses around the city were great to use for training and making great re-purposed products while also keeping them from going to the landfill. Win, win,” says Fitzgerald. “I wanted to establish a place where you could begin to reclaim your life if you had struggled to overcome addiction, homelessness, or just needed an opportunity because your path was different from the norm.”

In a beautiful, altruistic, and sophisticated new book called Wood Pallet DIY Projects, Fitzgerald’s shares this heartwarming story of giving back to the community and also shows how you too can create lovely wood pallet projects to enrich your home, your heart, and your community.

“Our company motto is  ‘Reclaimed Wood – Reclaimed Lives’. Our goal is to become a strong presence of hope in Baltimore’s downtown neighborhoods.”

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